How to reach Toscana Matrimoni

The Toscana Matrimoni farm holiday house is located in Pistoia, between Monsummano Terme and Montecatini, in a beautiful setting in the heart of Tuscany.

From here, you may easily reach the thermal baths of Monsummano and Montecatini, as well as the most renowned tourist destinations in Tuscany.


Following is an explanation of how to reach the farm holiday house

PeThe reach the farm holiday house, take the motorway exit for Montecatini Terme and follow the signs until you reach Monsummano Terme; from Monsummano Terme, follow the yellow or white road signs towards “Grotta Giusti”.

As you arrive right in front of Terme Grotta Giusti, take Via dei Romani, the road on your right, and drive all the way to an open steel gate framed by two side pillars; as you drive past the gate, take the uphill road and after a few curves you will reach a crossroads; keep to the right towards Via delle Rave and after 100 metres you will arrive at the Toscana Matrimoni.