Our wedding reception arrangements


In order to personalise a wedding as much as possible, the right arrangement must be selected to focus on the wedding couple and the selected style, this is why at Villa Toscana Matrimoni we’ll provide you with a wonderful location between Montecatini Terme and Monsummano (Pistoia) and a professional service to take care of your wedding reception to the last detail.

In an incredibly beautiful natural setting, where the Tuscan countryside matches with the charm of an old, rustic farmhouse, your dream may come true to make the most important day of your life truly unforgettable.

The staff at Villa Toscana Matrimoni is specialised in the organisation of turnkey wedding receptions, indeed, it will take care of all aspects regarding the decorative solutions.

Your reception may take place in any season thanks to our marquee, which can guarantee that everything will go as planned regardless of the weather conditions, keeping the guests safe from too much sun or rainfall.


Personalised theme arrangements

When it comes to choosing the type of arrangement, all decisions will be made in agreement with the couple, we will just make a few suggestions to turn their desires into reality.

Round tables and lined chairs, floral compositions, romantic chandeliers and lanterns for a sophisticated style, or else, barbecues, hay and dry flowers, long tables and regular chairs if it’s a traditional country style you’re looking for.

Moreover, you may create your own theme arrangement based on your personal taste, with an eye on the venue of your reception.

A traditional setting displaying a very close tie with its farming legacy, but also in an extremely elegant ambience, where the marvellous outdoor garden and modern pool stand as the perfect backdrop to host and organise your wedding reception. Its magic will not fail to amaze and welcome your guests with style and taste.

The whole setting is complemented by our Chef’s special menus, indeed, our restaurant uses natural and genuine ingredients directly produced here at the farm.

All theme arrangements available for your wedding will be accurately considered in agreement with the wedding couple.

If you’re looking for a magical place for your wedding reception, give in to the charm of Villa Toscana Matrimoni, deep into the breathtaking countryside and thermal area between Montecatini and Monsummano Terme.


Complete assistance in organising your wedding reception



The wedding receptions are held in the beautiful garden, where you can enjoy country dishes or modern, with a highly professional service.

The rural farm holiday house will welcome your guests who can stay in stylish rooms or apartments available.