Our traditional Tuscan products

Toscana Matrimoni is a farm holiday house with its own production, the result of our hard work and passion all year round.

Our products follow the Tuscan farming tradition and result from methods that have remained unchanged in time, as they were conceived to make the most of the soil’s natural components.

Among the products that you will certainly enjoy during your wedding reception there are traditional treats from Monsummano Terme and other places in Tuscany, including extra virgin olive oil, wine, cheese, vegetable, pasta and sweets.



Our extra virgin olive oil

Our oil has the typical fruity note of freshly pressed olives; it is intense and persistent; the taste is full-bodied, balanced, with a perfectly bitter-spicy after-taste.

Our extra virgin olive oil is mostly made with Leccio, Frantoio, Pendolino and Moraiolo olive varieties, which are harvested in the months of October and November.

The olives are kept no more than 2/3 days in open-air crates. The oil is extracted by using the cold continuous pressing method.

Excellent for toasted bread, ideal with (boiled) legumes and salted codfish as well as on green salads.

It is the most popular seasoning in Italian cuisine.

Our main varieties


  • frantoio olives
  • larcianese olives
  • leccino olives
  • leccione olives
  • moraiolo olives
  • morchiaio olives
  • pendolino olives
  • pignolo olives



Tuscan wines and spirits

The range of wines we produce is quite comprehensive, it goes from dry, sapid and lightly tannic wine that takes time to perfect, to smooth and velvety wine with a dry yet lively, balanced and at times even sparkling taste.

The available range is such that you will always find the perfect match to go well with every dish, balancing the taste and making the most of its characteristics.

You may taste wines that go well with raw or cooked charcuterie, red-sauce main courses, roast meat, boiled meat including poultry, game, and grilled red meat.

Wines for delicate hors d’oeuvres, soups with pasta and delicate sauces, fish, mollusks and crustaceans, eggs, poultry in simple and sophisticated dishes, ideal as aperitif.

Wines for raw and cooked charcuterie, with melon and fish made with tomatoes and herbs, white meat (poultry, rabbit, veal), all complemented with perfectly matched sauces.


Our wine varieties


  • chianti di montalbano docg
  • bianco della valdinievole doc
  • vinsanto doc della valdinievole
  • colli dell’etruria centrale rosso
  • colli dell’etruria centrale rosato
  • colli dell’etruria centrale bianco
  • colli dell’etruria centrale vinsanto
  • grappa



Processed food and wild products

High-quality Tuscan milk translates into superbly tasty products: cheeses to be had as hors d’oeuvres or to be used as ingredients in surprising and tasty recipes.

Without forgetting natural or processed food made with products found in the woods surrounding Montalbano: chestnuts, strawberries, blueberries and many other seasonal treats.

You may taste traditional food sourced in the surrounding area, such as sweets, bread and pasta, for a memorable journey in Tuscan culture.

Tuscan delicacies


  • raw milk pecorino cheese
  • goat raviggiolo cheese
  • goat ricotta
  • chestnut honey and royal jelly
  • tuscan bread
  • brigidino di Lamporecchio (crunchy waffle)
  • il neccio (waffle made with chestnut flour)